Rotex V Compact 5.56 VBD/TYR1 Exclusive


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For the first time in the US, The Rotex V Compact is now available for Civ Purchase! B&T USA specially produced these 3D printed, Full auto rated Inconel Rotex’s exclusively for us. If these are out of stock here, find the other half at
The Rotex V Compact is a European Military favorite. With that classic B&T steel finish and a glass breaker end cap, this is sure to be the coolest suppressor you own. Are you looking to clone a Swiss, German, Norwegian, French, Danish, Portuguese (The list goes on) clone? Your last piece is finally obtainable.
Or, You’re just a huge fan of the look, design, and performance of this duty rated Mil suppressor (I’m putting one on a Mk18 myself).
These Rotex V compacts mount to Nato Flash hiders (A2 Birdcage) and B&T Rotex iii/V/VA style mounts.
Due to the large amount of HK firearms that are issued with these suppressors globally.
OAL: 6.5″
Added Length from A2 Muzzle device: 4.75″
Weight: 17.9oz
Construction: Inconel (3D Printed)


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