Rotex iii (762) HUB COMPATIBLE VBD / TYR1 Exclusive


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Introducing the classic Rotex iii 762 Suppressor! Utilizing the Nato locking collar, these suppressors mount on B&T Rotex mounts and Nato style mounts (A2 devices).

Whether you are a cloner looking to complete a DEVGRU 417 Assaulter (The Famous DEVGRU Hyena photo), Various other Euro Clones, Or just want a Bad ass suppressor that hasnt been offered on the US Market before, This will do the job.

With that classic Grey finish that B&T has been known for, these are sure to be a unique suppressor for your collection.

Made by B&T USA as a special exclusive order, these are only available at VBD Retail and (if they’re out of stock here, check Tyr1).

These are 3D Printed Rotex iii 762 Suppressors with Nato locking collar and B&T Grey finish.

Length: 8.75″ OAL

Length added FROM MUZZLE: 7″

Length added from A2 Muzzle Device: Approx 5.75″

Weight without nato hub: 10.3oz

Nato hub weight: 10.1oz

Weight: 20.4oz (Compare to Rc2-762 at 21.7oz)

Weight with muzzle device: 22.8oz (Compare to Rc2-762 with Brake at 25.1oz)

These suppressors are HUB threaded and mounts can be changed to adapt to the end user.

Have your LGS Email us with your order number at in order for us to exchange information to ship to them. You will receive tracking info in an Email once your form 3 is approved.


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