SPC9 PDW – Telescoping Adapter


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OPTIC / SUPPRESSOR IS NOT INCLUDED.  THE TELESCOPING ADAPTER IS INCLUDED WITHOUT BRACE (TAILHOOK) OR STOCK BUTT PAD. The Rear of the telescoping adapter is a ring with no pad. Braces/stocks can be attached to the adapter.

Born from a European tender requesting a 9mm carbine with the same handling characteristics and ergonomics as the AR platform; the all-new SPC9 incorporates many of the features found on the B&T APC9, MP5 and AR platforms combined into one, very versatile platform. Lightweight and reliable, well balanced and accurate, safe and modular — the SPC9 checks all the boxes and is one of the lightest recoiling 9mm carbines available, thanks to B&T’s innovative and effective hydraulic buffer system.

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Weight 88 oz
Dimensions 18.8 in


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