ROTEX-X Surefire mount 5.56MM


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This is Our last new one on hand of this variant, At 7pm eastern on 3/19/2024 the price will be reduced to $625. We are minimizing human error on this drop by having the site change the price. You are able to purchase this at the inflated rate prior to the price being reduced if you choose to do so. Many folks have been interested in this variant, and we figured this is the best way to give everyone a fair chance to grab this last one.

This is the 2023 Surefire Mount ONLY Variant. This model will only mount to Surefire style suppressor mounts.

Our take: These Pups SURE are Quieter and Reduce flash (aka FIRE)  BETTER than “You Know What”. And Nearly Half the cost, Its honestly a no brainer. We’ve swapped to them, and You should too.

The ROTEX is an evolution of the well-know and widely used ROTEX-V. The new version maintains the same performance attributes of its predecessor, yet has been reengineered to reduce its weight by 20%, thus reducing deviation in point of aim/point of impact — all while providing industry leading sound and flash reduction, and ease of use, thanks to its compatibility with any ROTEX / SureFire QD muzzle device.

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