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B&T’s latest commitment to suppressor innovation is our Reduced Backpressure System line of suppressors (RBS). RBS technology is a giant leap forward in reducing the amount of back blast to the shooter that is composed of carbon monoxide, ammonia hydrogen cyanide, as well as the content and composition of metals in the dust emitted from various small arms weapons systems during prolonged firing by the shooter.

All RBS Suppressors feature a low-pressure chamber design to absorb a substantial amount of gas, thereby reducing back pressure. This design significantly minimizes, and in some cases, eliminates excess gas pressure at the charging handle and ejection port locations — thereby significantly minimizing potential respiratory problems caused by the inhalation of exhaust gases — making the RBS a top choice for assault rifles and machine guns.

The result is that the RBS Suppressor significantly reduces the combustion gases ejected from the ejection window. The low-pressure expansion chamber only minimally increases the size and weight of the silencer compared to conventional baffled silencers, all while providing industry-leading sound and flash signature reduction, comparable to the proven B&T ROTEX-V suppressors.


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