Bop It T-Shirt Patch Combo *SALE*


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Bop It! Twist it! Pull it! This iconic toy from the 60’s thats still everyones favorite!

We went out of our way to find the softest and most durable shirts available. The design is cool, but shirts need to be comfy. these are 100% ringspun cotton shirts. What does that mean? I had to look it up too. It means they’re S O F T as heck. And very durable. They aren’t cheap, Quality is very important on all of our products. Even if you didn’t like the image on the shirt, i’ve got a hunch you would still wear it often. A little snug in the shoulders, a little stretch to them, these are the perfect shirt.

What size should you get? if you find yourself between two sizes like “sometimes i wear Lg, sometimes XL.” pick the larger size.

1 Shirt, 1 Patch/Sticker Combo.

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Medium, Large, XL, XL Tall, XXL, XXXL


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